The real Venetian masks and their imitations.

Published: 14th April 2010
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Brief introduction to understand the difference between a true Venetian mask and imitations to avoid buying, even at great cost, a product of limited value.

Search Internet sites which sell the Venetian masks i realized that many of these sell masks that are made by Italian craftsmen. How can you tell which are not original? Simple enough to travel to Venice and go into shops where place within to realize that the masks are much more beautiful than those found in many sites on the Internet.

Not having everyone the opportunity to travel to Venice to see what masks are original and which are just simple imitation, as you can understand and those Venetian masks are not? This question is not easy to answer. Like many artifacts Italians also suffer imitation Venetian masks from China. The imitations are continually improved to make them more similar to the originals, but the construction technique and materials used are of poor quality. The realization of Venetian masks is done exclusively by hand in every phase. The material mainly used for their realization is the paper that is treated and then subsequently made to join hands in plaster mold, then is finished. Once asciugatasi phase begins decoration.

The decoration of an original Venetian mask is done by hand using brushes of various sizes craftsman paints the face of the mask. Some masks are also applied to enhance the Swarovski or like the Joker are applied to the small bells, others are stuck in the ostrich feathers. Some masks are decorated in the style of 1700 Venice Baroque others, such as the physician of the plague, the decoration is less rich and sumptuous according to their historical origin. The Venetian mask "Plague Doctor Mask" was invented by a French physician Charles de Lormar in 1500 and was used by doctors Venetians during the epidemics that periodically afflicted Venice as a shield from the plague bacteria.
Inside the long nose of the mask was placed a kind of filter composed of salts and herbs disinfectants.
Imitations made in China are industrial products that have nothing to do with crafts. The material can be plastic, and if the card is used it is not handmade. Is given the mask pressing the paper machines. The decor is rough and is not Baroque style.

Other articles follow to help recognize the true Venetian masks from their imitations. I wish to report the site-www.craft.italian where, under were published video showing all steps necessary to create a mask. Site-Italian styles can assure you that forms for sale are all made according to the ancient art of Venetian masters, and for every purchase coupon is issued confirming their authenticity.

The most beautiful and original Venetian Masks can be found at the site of the Italian style, where you can buy them at a reasonable price. Sales OnLine Venice Masks by Italian Styles.

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